Thursday, November 19, 2009


(Will Ohio State vs Michigan deliver another classic game?)

A lot of easy games for the top teams this week, but we are looking at some pretty exciting match ups from elsewhere.

Let's take a quick look at this weeks best games:

Ohio State vs Michigan
Penn State vs Michigan State
LSU vs Mississippi
Stanford vs Cal
Oregon vs Arizona

Alright, let's get into the picks...JUMP!!!


Oklahoma State -18.5 OVER Colorado...Colorado is not playing well, Oklahoma State has still only lost two games, only thing that will stop the Cowboys is if Zac Robinson has to sit out...we're thinking 32-11


Utah State +23 OVER Boise State...Good thing TCU won last weekend or Boise State would be the #5 team and headed to a bowl game...40-20 Boise State...could be an entertaining gam to watch on a Friday


Ohio State +11.5 OVER Michigan...I know this one is in the Big House, and I really wish that mattered. Ohio State can smell the roses, and Michigan is looking to fire Rich Rod after only two seasons....Ohio State 26-12

Miami -19.5 OVER Duke...another week of Duke in this post...Jacory Harris wins this one 33-9

Iowa -10 OVER Minnesota...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Alabama -88 OVER Chattanooga...No line for this one, aka BLOWOUT...Bama wins 51-4

Florida -45.5(real line) OVER FIU...That line is just plain embarrassing....BLOWOUT

Houston -23.5 OVER Memphis...Houston was very disappointing last week, they make up for it this week against a bad Memphis team...remember this guy


Penn State -3 OVER Michigan State...remember this guy, we wish him well in Cincinnati...Penn State wins this one in the fourth with a TD pass, 19-14...

Rutgers -9.5 OVER Syracuse...Rutgers was very impressive last weekend against UCF, I think they win this one 33-17

North Carolina State -21 OVER Virginia Tech...this is really sick...VT still holding onto hopes of getting into a big bowl game, they need to end the season impressively...VT wins 25-10

Virginia +21 OVER Clemson...HEISMAN CANIDATE...Virginia is not this bad, they only lose 29-16...seriously though, Spiller is ridiculous, amazing(i'll let you finish, but...)...oh I just found this video, it is a pre-game video of Brian Dawkins(who played at Clemson) he is insane and actually has two lockers, one for his alter ego...

Northwestern +7 OVER Wisconsin...Northwestern has played well lately, and Wisconsin does not have Ron Dayne anymore...Northwestern 21-20

LSU -4.5 OVER Mississippi...this could be a really good game, I'm still thinking that LSU is good. This one will be tight all the way LSU wins 33-27...

San Diego State +20 OVER Utah...Utah will still be reeling from the TCU loss, while San Diego State has been reeling all year long and is use to it by now...

Oregon State -30.5 OVER Washington State...Wash State has been on the wrong end of some pretty nasty spreads this year. So, out of sympathy I would like to pick them, but................

Stanford -7 OVER California...Stanford is on fire, and a California team without Jahvid Best can't hang in this one...Trees win 29-18

Texas -27.5 OVER Kansas...I still love Dezmon Briscoe, but Kansas has really disappointed me this year. I'm going with the Horns big 46-13...

Oregon -6 OVER Arizona...This is a huge game for the Ducks, they need this win to secure a rose bowl spot...QUACK...should be a great game from start to finish...Oregon 27-16

That's it for today...with college bball, and some NFL tonight the couch is calling...

stay tuned for a podcast to come...

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