Thursday, November 5, 2009


(Can LSU stay hot and run past the undefeated Alabama on Saturday?)

As always we have a lot of intriguing match ups this week as every game becomes more important.

Let's take a look at the key games and then we will pick the spreads.

Notre Dame vs Navy
Penn State vs Ohio State
LSU vs Alabama
Oregon vs Stanford
Oregon State vs California
Tulsa vs Houston
Oklahoma vs Nebraska
USC vs Arizona State

Alright go ahead and hit the JUMP and 2ndnShort will take you through all of the picks for this weeks games...


East Carolina +12.5 OVER Virginia Tech...VT has been well under expectations this year and ECU will look to knock them off again...shouts


Louisiana Tech +21.5 OVER Boise State...Betting against Boise State for life...seriously...I just wonder how far they would drop if they lost...


Syracuse +21.5 OVER Pittsburgh...GREG PAULUS!!!

Virginia +13.5 OVER Miami...I can't figure Miami out, at all. They might be one or two years away from a full return to form...good tough win last week though, Virginia keeps this one close and loses 30-20.

Indiana +10.5 OVER pants man

Texas -36.5 OVER UCF...UCF will miss Kevin Smith in this one...a lot

Northwestern +16.5 Iowa...Still thinking Iowa loses a game this year...but not this one Iowa wins 19-10

BYU -13 OVER Wyoming...betting with BYU for an unknown reason

Notre Dame -11 OVER Navy...with Michael Floyd coming back Jimmy Clausen will continue his Heisman quest...Notre Dame wins 29-15

Penn State -3.5 OVER Ohio State...This game should be close all the way, taking JoPa in this one, 16-12

Georgia Tech -16 OVER Wake Forest...Sticking with Georgia Tech because they have looked great as of late, 40-18. GT is definitely one of the best one loss teams.

LSU +7.5 OVER Alabama...hold on hold on hold on....I am not saying Alabama is going to lose, not at all. I think that they win 28-22. But, this could be the game of the week/year, neither of these teams can afford to lose. LSU is the top one loss team, and Alabama has a lot of people breathing down their neck for the #2 spot. Should be a good one...SPEECH!!!(I think I will post this vid every time we here at 2ndnShort feel fit, but mainly for huge games.

Oklahoma State -7.5 OVER Iowa State...SHOOTOUT!!!

Oregon -6.5 OVER Stanford...This should be a great game, Stanford is hungry for the upset. Oregon is good, really good, they need to win this game. QUACK!!!

Arizona -32.5 OVER Washington State...Washington State is pretty bad, like 42-4 bad...

TCU -24.5 OVER San Diego State...TCU WARWAGON FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Utah -27 OVER New Mexico State...NMSU is so bad...really ugly...sorry

Oregon State +7.5 OVER California...Jahvid Best and Jaquizz Rodgers...should be exciting

Florida -35 OVER Vanderbilt...Not even close, Tebow needs another big game to stay in the Heisman race...he get's it vs Vandy

Tulsa -1.5 OVER Houston...Tulsa wins, 58-50...yea

Cincinnati -16.5 OVER UConn...Can the Bearcats continue to roll? I think so...34-12

Oklahoma -5 OVER Nebraska...Yawn...MUSTACHE!!!

USC -10 OVER Arizona State...Worst loss in the Pete Carroll era last week, they have to bounce back

Alright, enjoy the football should be a great week. Check back here for updates Friday and Saturday

And enjoy this...Friday is here be happy, and take a girl to the movies...

This is the worst music video ever...or best...hilarious


  1. you gotta post that girls byu new mexico soccer game highlight thats on funny

  2. oh the chick that was taking girls out haha, yea she was basically playing football.