Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Getting your eyes poked out is fun...and some other stuff

Washaun Ealey said that he didn't really mind when Brandon Spikes attempted to rip his eyeballs out(picture might not be accurate). Ealey said he thinks it happens all the time, plus he had his eyes close, so it's all good...wow really? I still think he should be suspended at least one game. They are playing Vanderbilt so it would not really matter anyway.

Cincinnati QB Tony Pike is healing well and is now in a splint, not good news for anyone but the Bearcats because he is goooooood.

Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd is set to come back this week vs Navy. Jimmy Clausen is still in Heisman contention and this should do nothing but help as Floyd is one of the best wide outs in the nation.

and have a nice humpday...

don't lead with your head kids...bad idea...

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