Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jimmy Clausen Punched in Face..by a Fan*

Here are three more stories that all seem like the could of happened....we might not ever know how Clausen got that black eye

Yea, you read that right. Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen was punched in the face this weekend at a bar, by a fan.

So the story goes, Clausen and family were out to eat after the Irish lost to UConn. The bar was called CJ's, and at this bar was a man who didn't really like Mr. Clausen. So he did the logical thing and punched the QB in the face. The punch is being called a sucker punch and Clausen has a swollen face.

This guy was also apparently yelling at Clausens GF or just some girl he was with, but were gonna say GF, classy guy.

Things are not looking good for Notre Dame right now...Weis is about to get fired...and their QB has a black eye...

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