Thursday, January 7, 2010

National Championship: Bama vs Texas

(He won the Heisman so he gets his picture here)

So, the big story leading into this game is can the offense of Texas led by Colt McCoy be effective against the tough hard nosed D of Bama.

To answer that question we should first take a look at the Texas Offense...

QB: Colt McCoy, he is a grizzled vet, and if you had to choose any QB in college football to be on your team he is a great choice. Texas holds the QB advantage in this game for sure. Colt needs to limit mistakes tonight, Alabama is great at forcing them and McCoy has to make sure that does not happen. McCoy has been cool under pressure his whole career and tonight he needs to do it one more time.

RB: Tre' Newton and Cody Johnson will lead the rushing attack for the longhorns (along with McCoy of course). Newton and Johnson need to be effective to open up the passing game and the stud we are about to talk about.

WR: Jordan Shipley is a huge threat, he runs great routes and seems to always be open for the big catch. If Texas is going to win he needs to have a huge game. Colt will be looking his way the entire game. He also plays special teams and this could be another way for him to influence this game.

The main man in charge of stopping all of this from happening is none other then Rolando McClain...beast(see below)

Now moving on we will take a look at the Bama offense....

QB: Greg McElroy has been solid all year long, and has led the Tide to this game tonight. The question here is can McElroy do enough to win. Bama has a ridiculously good D so a lot of the time McElroy does not have to make huge plays. If called upon tonight will he be up to the task...

RB: Mark "Heisman" Ingram, this dude is straight up powerful. He runs people over and then has the speed to win the race to the end zone. Ingram is going to get a lot of carries tonight and he will need to be effective. If Bama can control the ball on the ground and keep it away from
Texas they will win this game. Huge game tonight for Ingram. Trent Richardson should not be forgotten as he is a great change of speed guy who can break the long one.

WR: Julio Jones needs to play big for the Tide tonight, he was hurt earlier in the year and was not very effective. Recently he has played much better, and tonight he needs to step up. Jones will have the opportunity to make some big plays tonight once the Texas D commits to stopping Ingram. Opposite Jones will be the speedster Marquis Maze, he is a big play machine and will find himself open more then once tonight, he needs to capitalize.

The man on the corner who will be responsible for getting in McElroy's face and taking the edge away from Ingram will be Sergio

What Texas needs to do to win:

Defense...Texas will need to slow down Mark Ingram and force Greg McElroy to beat them through the air.

Offense...Colt McCoy needs to put the finishing touches on his career with his best performance. McCoy needs to keep the Bama D off balance with a mix of running and throwing the ball. Colt will need to be calm under the pressure of the Tide D.

What Alabama needs to do to win:

Defense...Bama needs to come at McCoy from every angle, they need to make him uncomfortable. If Colt becomes rattled then the Texas offense will stall.

Offense...Mark Ingram needs to get the ball a lot, the more time Bama has the ball the less McCoy and company will. Alabama needs to control the clock with Ingram on the ground and when the Texas D is forced to put 8 guys in the box they need to capitalize down field.

X-Factor Texas: Jordan Shipley, big play receiver and star special teams guy for the Longhorns

X-Factor Alabama: Javier Arenas, has the most punt return TD's in the history of the SEC (7), and is a DB for the Tide

Prediction: Alabama controls the ball long enough to win the game. McCoy plays well but comes up short as the Bama D holds tight in the fourth quarter.

Bama 28-24

Oh, and since we compared everything else here are the two mascots...choose for yourself


Big Al

2ndnShort 17-17, this game is for all the marbles...

Vegas 16-18...not happy about losing to 2ndnShort, picked Bama as well

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