Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ocho, Lance, and The Fastest Human on Earth

Today Chad Ochocinco (still funny), announced that he is going to "tweet" whenever possible. This includes during the game, halftime, and after the game. This comes as no surprise to me because he is a ridiculous human(4 min 30 sec). People have been really shocked with this story, does that mean they forgot when he raced a horse?

These kind of stories have become regular for Ochocinco, my only problem is that he is not playing well anymore. It's all fun and games until you catch 53 passes for 540 yards and only reach the end zone four times.

Sometimes I wish he would just hit the gym, practice hard, and have another season like he did in 2002-07. But if this happened then he would not be the same guy who changed his last name to a number, I guess we can't be picky. [WithLeather]

Two more stories after the jump...

Lance Armstrong is one of the greatest athletes of all time. He beat cancer and won the tour seven times, this year he is back after a short break. At this point It seems as if he is toying with the "competition". I think it is clear that he has figured out how to win this thing. [Guardian]

Usain Bolt is superhuman, today he ran the fourth fastest 200m time ever. But wait that's not all! He was running into a strong headwind, in 60 degree weather, and it was raining. Every time he steps onto the track he does something ridiculous. [BBC]

Today we have a typical video, but as we all know these never get old. Best part about videos of dudes getting lit up, you can watch them at work.
(With all the recent deaths I felt I should pay tribute with this vid)

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