Monday, July 27, 2009

Golf, Elbows, Vick, and More...

You have probably already seen this, but it needs to been seen more then once. So here ya go. This shot is absolutely nuts, I can not remember a crazier one. Might as well watch a couple more, here, and here.[DeadSpin]

Arm wrestling is cool. It is a true test of how much of a man you are. Unless of course your arm does this. Warning this video is kind of hard to watch, but of course we all know you want to watch it. So enjoy and be glad it's not your arm.[DeadSpin]

Michael Vick is "back", Roger Goodell reinstated Vick today, the details are here. We will see soon if any teams are interested.[WinnipegSun]

Plaxico's future is not looking bright right now, we all know he can play but he will have to get back on the field first.[TheBigLead]

Nice list of some recent headlines.[BallinisaHabit]

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