Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday is Almost Humpday

Couple stories to get you through Tuesday and on to better things...

Derrick Mason is hanging up the cleats. Mason was an underrated player most of his career. He put up good numbers last year and clearly could of kept on playing.

He chose to quit while he was ahead, and I have no problem with that. Remember the last guy to quit while he had something left in the tank. [Deadspin]

Vertical leap to the rest of Tuesdays headlines...

Matt Cassel,is getting money(sorry, it works). Guess we will have to see how he plays to see if it is worth it or not. Lot less weapons in Kansas City, and his o-line is not quite as good.[RedZone]

Matt Bush is a crybaby, hilarious. This is honestly ridiculous, he is balling his eyes out. [WithLeather]

At six years old I was tripping over my feet and spilling spaghetti on my shirt, I actually still do the latter. This kid has crazy handle. I personally never get bored with videos like this, I mean seriously he might get singed soon. [WithLeather]

Six reasons why the Florida Gators will not make it back to the top of the mountain. [TheBigLead]

Rocky Top is in trouble, Austin Rodgers was their best wide out, not anymore. This will have a serious impact on the Vol's season. [ESPN]

Someone find out where this kid is right now...

And...a big hit...

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