Friday, September 4, 2009 it all over for Oregon?

After the disappointing 19-8 loss at the hands of Boise State, star Oregon RB LeGarrette Blount went crazy. He punched and dropped a Boise State player and then went after fans before he was finally restrained.

This is a huge ordeal and I'm sure it will receive a lot of attention tomorrow. Blount is a great running back but clearly has some personal problems. He might be suspended the entire season for this act, and that might be all she wrote for Oregon. They have tons of talent but this is a crushing blow to the team.

More info should surface tomm...


  1. I would have sat him for a half season for the punch of the Boise player....but I kick him off the team for going after the fans...he already got thrown out of a practice earlier this year.

    Trivia: Whose the only player in the 18 season tenure of Coach Steve Marino to get thrown out of a Westfield State College football practice?

  2. I agree, his actions are completely out of line. He can't come back to the team after something like that. Half the season minimum, and I don't let him attend any team functions. Completely idiotic move on his part...

    Answer=Geoff Farrington.