Friday, September 18, 2009

::TOP 25 PREDICTIONS:: September 19th, 2009 + PODCAST

Alright 2ndnShort went something like 19-3 last week, but when a lot of the games are -10 plus, we can not be fully happy. We did pick Big Blue over ND but got shut down by Georgia in a last second thriller. This week we have a mix of close spreads and blowouts.

Hit that the your GF something nice with the winnings...and then go to Vegas with your boys...JUMP

Remember to hit the bean for that podcast preview...

Boise State -7.5 OVER Fresno State

Florida -29.5 OVER Tennessee

Texas -17.5 OVER Texas Tech

USC -19.5 OVER Washington

Alabama -39.5 OVER North Texas

Penn State -30 OVER Temple

Mississippi OVER SE Louisiana

BYU -8.5 OVER Florida State

Ohio State -20.5 OVER Toledo

Oklahoma -18 OVER Tulsa

Virginia Tech -5 OVER Nebraska

TCU OVER Texas State

Oklahoma State -33 OVER Rice

Oregon State +1 OVER Cincinnati

Utah +5 OVER Oregon

Kansas -23.5 OVER Duke

Arkansas -2 OVER Georgia

North Carolina -7.5 OVER East Carolina

Michigan -24 OVER E Michigan

Pick em or don't pick em...but that is how they will play out...

PODCAST BELOW...insight to these picks, if you win more then 10K 2ndnShort will gladly take a 8% share...

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