Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flash Recap

Well, USC lost to Washington...yea. USC never seems to win those trap games, Washington did not win a game last year. It is now Flordia and Texas remaining from the pre season top 3, Alabama will probably move into the three spot.

Tyrod Taylor saved VT with a last second TD throw.

Texas made sure they didn't pull a USC as they beat rival Texas Tech to get them back for that whole Crabtree thing.

Florida shut Tennessee up.

JAHVID BEST!!!....please someone make it possible for him to win the Heisman...five touchdowns...he can not be stopped

Michigan won again, and so did OSU.

Ole Miss looked really good, although they might as well of played a HS team.

BYU got blasted by FSU...see ya later BYU thanks for the 2009 season.

FOOTBALL SUNDAY!!!...enjoy this then get some food and park yourself on the couch


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