Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dezmon Briscoe Likes Girls...

(Briscoe is not a happy camper right now)

It is being reported that star Kansas WR Dezmon Briscoe was involved in a fight last night.

Who did he get in a fight with, well how about fellow KU athlete and basketball star Tyshawn Taylor. Rumors are flying all over the place and many people are saying different things, but the one constant is that the fight was over a girl. People are saying that this female was dating back and forth between the teams (not a good idea).

BallinisaHabit has a good report on the happenings so check that out.

Briscoe was not hurt but it is being reported that Taylor has a dislocated thumb, the kind of dislocation that you get from punching someone(Briscoe). From personal experience I can tell you that this might get ugly, this beef could certainly boil into something bigger especially if Briscoe was hit. Just think about it 80 jacked up D-I football players vs 12 mostly skinny basketball players(not a knock on basketball players as they are extremely talented and athletic, just not generally good at fighting)...not a pretty thought.

Updates to come as the unfold.

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