Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Return of The U

Miami and Florida State played the most entertaining game of the week on Monday night. Miami came out on top 38-34.

The game had action from start to finish and definitely reminded fans of the "old" Miami teams. It was not too long ago that FSU and Miami were perennial powerhouses.

Speed was the name of the game last night as both teams had guys that looked 4.3 capable, I even heard talk of a 4.2.

The game last night was really good for college football. Both teams have huge fan bases and Miami especially has a fan base ready to see their team back in the mix.

It seems like forever since the U has been relevant and it sure is good to have them back.

Now all we need is a 7th Floor Crew remix.

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    That game was so good I stayed up to watch the whole thing, thats saying a lot.

  2. Yea really good game. I still can not believe that Miami held tight on the goal line, great stuff.