Sunday, September 6, 2009

Flash Recap

Oklahoma lost to BYU in a shocker, Bradford will be out of action for at least two weeks and maybe longer this really shakes things up in the college football world...BYU looked very good and would of been in this game regardless of Bradford and his shoulder they are certainly a team to watch

Utah and Penn State both looked good in easy wins...on the other hand Navy played very well and almost beat OSU...OSU has some things to change if they want to be one of the best this year...

Iowa looked lackluster and sluggish at times but came through in the end to win a big game for them mentally 17-16

As I posted before Notre Dame looked very impressive vs Nevada...

Oklahoma started out very strong and proved what all of the hype was about as they beat a good Georgia team out for the Cowboys

Matt Barkley looked very good and USC rolled, UNC, and Nebraska also looked very strong

Florida played a perfect game...they are scary good

Kansas holds unto the top 25 with a lopsided victory

Cal looked very good vs Maryland and LSU looked pretty bad barley beating Washington, who has now not one a gamer in over a year....

Tebow, McCoy, and Jahvid Best played very that Bradford is out of the Heisman race things could get interesting...

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