Monday, October 11, 2010

Top 25 Recap: Week 6

(We knew that SC was good, but we had no idea they were going to beat Bama by two scores)

What a week of games, as usual there were a bunch of great games this weekend, and they were headlined by South Carolina taking down #1 Alabama 35-21. We had been betting Bama all year long, and definitely did not expect this to happen. Props go out to South Carolina for making sure the BCS Standings will be really messed up when they comes out in a week.

So obviously there has been some shifting in the polls. Here is what the top 10 looks like.

1.) Ohio State
2.) Oregon
3.) Boise State
4.) TCU
5.) Nebraska
6.) Oklahoma
7.) Auburn
8.) Alabama
9.) LSU
10.) South Carolina

So OSU takes the top spot and the others fall in line as they were, with exception of Nebraska who climbs two spots over Oklahoma for the #5. South Carolina moves from #19 to #10 and Bama drops to #8.
Back in the polls at #24 is Oregon State after a great win over Arizona (Zona drops from #9 to #17), this helps Boise State as they beat Oregon State earlier this year. West Virginia is also in the polls at #25. Miami and Michigan both got beaten badly and dropped out of the polls.

Florida also dropped from #14 to #22 after they lost to LSU.

Lot of movement this weekend and the BCS rankings come out this week so things are about to get a little crazy. I have heard from certain insiders that the BCS rankings will look like this:

1.) Boise State
2.) Oregon
3.) TCU
4.) Oklahoma
5.) Ohio State

That right there is absolutely nuts...what the hell is going on.


South Carolina deserves some love so here is our favorite SC player Alshon Jeffery pretending he only has one arm...

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