Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cj Spiller (Clemson) vs Kentucky

CJ Spiller has 1,145 yards on the season and I expect him to add at least 125 to that total tonight when Clemson takes on Kentucky. To have a chance at winning this game Kentucky has to try to contain Spiller.

For Clemson to win they need to get Spiller the ball, a lot. They also need to make sure that Randall Cobb does not get hot. Cobb is a threat to run and catch and the Wildcats need him to be productive to win.

Look for this one to be close for a while until the Tigers pull away late...Clemson wins 34-22

and were all tied up...

2ndnShort 3-6

Vegas 3-6

PS...CJ Spiller is really good, just look below

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