Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sugar Bowl Prediction

830PM Ohio State vs Arkansas

Ohio State is looking to quiet down some of the bad news they have gotten recently with a win tonight. The NCAA suspended 5 OSU players including QB Terrelle Pryor, and that will be a huge blow for the Bucks next year. Good news for OSU fans is that all of these players have said that they will return next year and will play tonight. OSU will also be playing to beat an SEC team in a bowl game for the first time in their last 9 tries.

The key for OSU tonight is to control the ball on the ground. Pryor is an elite athlete and will need to stay mistake free for OSU to win this game.

Arkansas is led by QB Ryan Mallet. Mallet is a huge dude and will need to play huge for Arkansas to pull this one out tonight. Mallet likes to air it out and if the Razorbacks are going to win he will need to spread the OSU defense out and keep them guessing.

Mallet is an NFL QB with his size, accuracy and strength. Pryor is an NFL wide receiver with his speed, agility and vision. But both of these guys are very good college football QB's right now and this is a great match up.

I think that OSU will control the tempo of this game, keep Arkansas from getting into a rhythm, and win this game in the fourth quarter.

Ohio State 28 Arkansas 22

Orange Bowl Recap

Andrew Luck swagged all over the Virginia Tech defense last night to the tune of 4 TD's and a blowout win for Stanford. He is the #1 pick in this years NFL Draft. Also, 2ndnShort picked the game correctly so hopefully you have some extra money in your wallet.

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