Saturday, September 17, 2011


(good thing we are not betting with this guy, that's the first Jacksonville photo that comes up, yikes)

DG the gutterman himself is back to make everyone some money on the NFL. Below is the easiest way to make money in America today. Just read the post, and place the bets. Easy money.

Jets -2.5 vs the Jaguars
Baltimore +1/2 @ Titans

Although everyone knows Luke McCown is an all-world quarterback, the Jets defense should handle him easily. They will just have to key in on Jones-Drew. Jets easily win this game at home.
Baltimore last week made the steelers look silly. They forced 100 turnovers last week, this week they might force 1,000. Sorry Matt Hasslebeck, but hey look on the good side, your wife is hot. Baltimore goes into Tennessee, and gets an easy win.

If you do not like money, please do not make this bet. This bet is for those of us that enjoy swagging around with a pocket full of cash.


  1. We gotta let Vegas win once in while, otherwise they will think were cheating...