Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I came across some pretty sweet videos this week. We've got a hit ,a crazy punt return and a brawl. Pretty well rounded if you ask me.

Below is Tyson Giza lighting a poor RB up last weekend. This hit looks exactly like a hit stick hit did when Madden first introduced it into the game. The game is Willamette vs Southern Oregon, a game Willamette won 31-9. Also, the announcers are hilarious.

(good looks on the tip @ballinisahabit)

Crazy lateral punt return FTW. Dude who caught the punt should get the praise because he almost took it back himself. Swag. Also, sick block bro.

High School football brawl in Pennsylvania. Two things to note, the announcers that are as calm as can be, and the dude jumping out of the stands and running towards the field at the end of the video.

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