Friday, April 24, 2009

Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake

Aaron Curry is a top 5 lock. Right now it is looking like he is going 3-5 depending on the whole Mark Sanchez thing. Usually top 5 picks are recognizable to the casual fan this year we have an exception. Curry did not come out of nowhere but Wake Forest is not a football school yet, and they do not get many national games. However since his ridiculous showing at the combine we have heard a lot more about him. At 6'2 250 his size is NFL ready, with 25 reps on the bench his strength is too. The most surprising thing he brought to the combine was speed. Scouts knew he was fast but 4.56 I think everyone was caught a little off guard by that. To compare Rey Maualuga from USC another highly sought after prospect went 4.91. Whomever lands Curry will look to plug him in on the outside asap as he is NFL ready today, with his speed he will be able to cover tight ends and even bump on wide outs.

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