Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Draft Breakdown: New York Jets

Brett Favre is done playing football for the Jets, we all thought maybe he is actually done now, but then this happened. Nevertheless the Jets have moved on, welcome in Mark Sanchez, the Jet's needed a QB and they traded up to get him with the 5th pick. New York is the hardest city to play in, so Sanchez will be under fire as soon as he takes his first snap. Recently he preformed well in his first test in NYC(excuse the already angry New York fan, told you it was a tough city). At least he avoided doing this, which would of been a disaster. Stafford and Sanchez were the two top QB's, Stafford went at number 1, leaving Sanchez on the board for the Jet's. When you need a QB and you go out and get one early, you have to be happy. USC breeds QB's through a wide open offense that dominants college football, sometimes these quarterbacks can make the transition(Carson Palmer), some have potential(Matt Cassel), others have work to do (Matt Leinart), and some are famous for being epic failures (Todd Marinovich). I think Sanchez is worth the risk and we will just have to wait and watch this unfold.

In the 3rd round with the 65th overall pick the Jet's took RB Shonn Greene out of Iowa. I really like this pick, that looks like 19 reps in the bench press strength to me. Greene comes to work everyday, he was 2nd in the nation in rushing, and rushed for at least 100 yards in all 13 games for the Hawkeyes, and ran for 121 yards and 3 touchdowns in his season finale, the Outback Bowl. He won the Doak Walker Award as the top RB in the nation. Greene ran a 4.65 40 yard dash so strength is definitely his better attribute. Greene is surprisingly shifty, and uses his strength when speed is not enough. He won't get a lot of carries right away because he is behind Thomas Jones, but he is a tough player so I think that he can help on some short third downs, or even blocking on third and long.

Overall Draft Grade: B


  1. Before you categorize Matt Cassell as good, shouldn't we wait to see how he does on a team that doesn't have the most talent and best coaching around him?

    I'm skeptical of the Sanchez move. Leinart has needed work, Cassell could end up being nothing, and Carson had one fantastic year and hasn't shown a lot other than that. USC always has the best talent around their quarterbacks.

    Loving the blog dude.

  2. I might be jumping the gun on Cassell, but what he did last year was really impressive. Yea he had a good team, but he also had more pressure on him then almost anyone in the league. He played very well. I guess I would rather say he is good then bad. We will get to see what he does next year with nothing in KC. It will certainly be interesting. USC quarterbacks are really hard to figure out. Could be good could also be forgotten in three years. Your right about the talent, their is so much that it is hard to tell how good the QB really is in So. Cal. That being said Sanchez had a rising stock, the Jet's needed a QB, I don't know how good Mark will be but I know that the Jet's took the best QB they could, therefore they had a good draft.

    Really appreciate the love kid