Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Draft Breakdown: Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins had a real good season last year. They surprised a lot of people with the wildcat offense and got all the way to the playoffs. Chad Pennington had a great year after coming over from New York, Ronnie Brown also played very well. Taking a quick look at their depth chart I notice some weaknesses, one of those is at Corner Back. They have Will Allen, and then, well, not a lot of impact players. So with their first selection they took Vontae Davis CB out of Illinois. At the 25th overall pick Davis brings great value. I watched the combine and he really impressed me. For starters he has a 4.49 second 40 yard dash. To back it up he put up 225 pounds 25 times to lead all CB's, strong and fast is never a bad thing. His vertical leap was 36", which is good(this is really, really, good). He comes from an athletic family, his brother Vernon had a combine like no one had ever seen before. Because of the lack of depth at CB Davis can get time right away. If he does not start right away I would expect him to be in both the nickel and dime packages.

With their second pick (44th overall) the Dolphins landed Pat White out of WVU. We all know who Pat White is, he had a storied and prolific college career, and some consider him to be the best WVU player ever. But because he is so unique we did not know who wanted him, or what he would do in the NFL. Some people think QB, others WR (why not DB too). Another fascinating fact, White played baseball in high school and was a 4th round draft pick of the Anaheim Angels. The Dolphins are the only team in the NFL that uses the wildcat formation as much as they do. What does this mean? It means he can basically play two positions at once, this will allow him to fully deploy his talents. The Dolphins are the perfect team for him, they had a solid season and they could use him right away in their offense. They have Ted Ginn JR, so they won't need him on special teams, this will let him focus solely on the wildcat. I am excited to see how this works, I think they could turn out to be a great match for each other. In case you were wondering he ran a 4.55 40 yard dash.

Another weakness was at wide-out, they followed their 3rd pick Sean Smith a CB from Utah, with two straight Wide Receivers, Patrick Turner from USC, and Brain Hartline out of Ohio State. The Dolphins took care of a lot of issues with the draft, I think they had one of the best overall drafts of 2009.

Overall Draft Grade: A-

(Shouts to Draft Party for the video)

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