Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Annexation of Puerto Rico

I gave this post a ridiculous title because the first link is, well, ridiculous. For those of you who can't quite remember the Annexation of Puerto Rico, it is one of the greatest and most ridiculous plays ever created. It just so happened to be the winning play in this memorable flick.

So picture this, you go to UCLA to play football, your good so you think you can play significant minutes. One thing leads to another and you find yourself on the outside looking in. You are pretty upset over the fact that UCLA no longer needs your services, so you do what anyone would do and write a ridiculous press release explaining your discomfort. Wait, what, yea this is one crazy kid, and family for that matter. I picture this kid and his family being the "crazy family" that everyone tries to explain but never can.

Next we have another post from the hilarious life of University of Connecticut football player Robert Lunn who now plays football in Austria. Let's just say the game is quite different over there.

I give this prediction a 4.8% chance of actually happening, yea that's right I am not even willing to go as high as five percent.

MMA training, because signaling in the plays is really hard if your not in top condition.

Today's video is a good one, I don't think you could hang your receiver out to dry worse if you tried every play the entire season. They are probably still on bad terms.

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