Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This is Getting Ridiculous

Ok, so you can measure strength in the bench press, and speed in the forty yard dash. You can watch a players footwork, and see how he moves in and out of his breaks. If none of these help you make your decision you can take them to the classroom and see how they understand the X's and O's, and if you want after that you can see how they watch and understand film.

Sure watching someone bench press and sprint is fun, but not to the point that you want to keep watching it, and not to the point where even people who don't watch football are impressed. A video found its way on to the internet this morning and since then has had the blog world on fire. I have the video and you will see it, but you will also see some other ridiculous videos that you have to see to believe.

Hit the jump if you are ready to see humans do things that humans should not do. I can't even do some of these things in my dreams let alone real life. These guys are still playing football while we write and read about it for a reason.

This first video is the most recent video, this is Redskins rookie wide receiver Keith Eloi jumping into the bed of a truck. His vertical is somewhere between 41'-44' aka high and high. You do not get to see players do things like this very often because they are usually worried about getting hurt, Eloi seems to be care free. Oh, I forgot one thing, he is wearing sandals...

Next we have the video mentioned in the first video. This is the Chicago Bears third round pick Jarron Gilbert jumping out of a pool. This video is not as hyped up as the first, but go try to jump in a pool. Personally getting out of pools without a ladder has always been kind of annoying, well for normal people. As you can see Mr. Gilbert has no problem with it at all.

Here we have one of my personal favorites, this is Adrian Wilson safety from the Arizona Cardinals. Just wait until he stands next to the bar after he jumps. This is just plain crazy. Apparently he is not the only one who can do this, but he is famous, so watch and be impressed.

Calvin Johnson has a skill set that is unmatched. Tall, strong, fast, and great hands. This video makes me think that he actually might be a robot or some sort of superhuman programmed to play football. Just keep in mind that the longest broad jump in this years combine was 11'3", by a corner back.

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