Thursday, June 18, 2009

Irrelevance, Grass, and T's

Time to give Mr. Irrelevant his time in the sun, for at least a day or two. Ryan Succop is about to sign for 1.2 mill. Pretty good for the last pick in the draft, job well done Mr. Succop. [Deadspin]

This is just ridiculous, I don't have any pictures or videos for this one just enjoy the read. [With Leather]

From the "really" department here is LBJ, being LBJ I guess. I really wish he would just be the LBJ we all want him to be. [TMZ]

Along the same lines, we have Kobe, making it clear that his teammates don't matter and his individual accomplishments do. I don't know anyone who is surprised here, but still, really? Maybe someone should do this again, just a thought. [Waiting For Next Year]

To be honest, I didn't like the shirt, but that does not mean I can't post some sweet videos of him prior to the whole shirt thing...

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