Thursday, June 11, 2009

Doors, Gators, and 9.69...

On this roundup we have some very interesting stories, and if you got the hint a very fast man is set to run again.

First we have this, apparently Bob Huggins was walking around early in the morning and ran into a door. He now looks as if he was in a fight, and lost badly. I don't wanna say it but someone has to, maybe he was drunk.

The Orlando Sentinel has released a list of all the Florida University football players that have gotten in trouble. When you have to "page down" five times to get to the bottom of the list, you have a problem.

Usain Bolt is getting back on the track tonight to run the 100 meter dash. This just in I hope he wins because he is really awesome.
UPDATE: He won.

Alabama is in trouble. This seems to happen more then it should, but no one really ever seems to care.

Video video's of people getting jacked up ever get old?...

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