Monday, May 18, 2009

Buffalo Bills: Draft Breakdown

The Buffalo Bills picked up Terrell Owens this off season, we all know his deal and what he is capable of. Because of this I will focus this post anywhere but TO. The Bills finished 7-9, they have Marshawn Lynch at RB, Lee Evans and you know who at WR, and Trent Edwards at QB. I see defense being more of an issue for the Bills, let's take a look at what they did to address their needs on Defense.

The Bills first pick was at eleven, with this pick they took DE Aaron Maybin out of Penn State. Maybin is a one trick pony, but he does that one trick very well. The Bills lacked a solid pass rusher and they got one in Maybin.

He is quick off the ball and quick up the field, this being said he lacks the upper body strength for a solid bull rush. His 38 inch vertical was very impressive for an end and that could help him to get up and deflect passes at the line of scrimmage. The needed someone to pressure the QB and Maybin can do that.

With the 28th pick the Bills selected C Eric Wood out of Louisville. Wood can play multiple positions on the offensive line, and is a proven hard worker. I think talent goes a long ways, but it is nice to see a blue collar guy with the talent.

He is 6'4" and had a strong bench press so he can certainly hold his own strength wise. Wood will have no objection moving around to help the Bills protect Edwards, for this reason I think Wood was a good pick here.

Jairus Byrd out of Oregon was the Bills next pick. What he lacks in straight line speed he makes up with instincts. He has the ability to adjust to passes and go up and get the ball. He could be used in nickel and dime packages for sure. He also performed well on special teams for the Ducks, so I could see the Bills taking advantage of this.

Player to Watch: Eric Wood (Offensive linemen are hard to watch, so watch and see if he can make the Bills offense better)

Overall Draft Grade: C+

(He chases people down)

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