Thursday, May 7, 2009

Point Shaving

You hear about it on TV, there have been movies made about it. It is discussed all the time and sometimes even joked about. But it does not really happen does it? Well it does happen, and this latest case is a big wake up call. This case is different then others, in a bad way. Six players were involved and two different sports. Check out the story here, story's like this are certainly a black eye for the sport.

While were on the topic of things that give sports a bad name.

(Since I hate depressing ya go)


  1. Wait why does point shaving give sports a bad name? It can definitely make things more interesting. I'm always up for a little fun.

  2. The Toledo situation has been brewing for a while:

    My question is who the eff was betting on University of Toledo sports?????

  3. are ridiculous...I love it. Rob, imagine if this was a major university, this story would be a really big deal. A big school like Vassar or something, crazy.

  4. Hey I was just wondering why Geoff Farrington wasn't drafted or picked up as a free agent? Kids got talent...

  5. Geoff Farrington has talent, he is a hard working kid from a blue collar family. He had a standout senior season and was awarded lineman of the year. He did not participate in the combine because of an undisclosed NASCAR appointment. This being said I have heard that he runs somewhere between a 4.46 and 4.51 forty yard dash, and his 225 pound bench rep range is between 28-31. Missing the combine really hurt his draft status but I would be amazed if someone did not pick him up soon.