Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kansas City Chiefs: Draft Breakdown

The Kansas City Chiefs had an awful season, and finished 2-14. If the Lions had won at least three games, we would be talking about the Chiefs and how bad they were a lot more. This off season they let go one of the greatest tight ends ever in Tony Gonzalez.

On a positive note they did win the Matt Cassel sweepstakes. Cassel had an excellent season for the Patriots replacing Tom Brady. This being said New England is the perfect place for a QB to succeed, Kansas City is anything but perfect we will just have to wait and see what he can do.

The Chiefs need help everywhere. Larry Johnson was hurt for part of the year but did shows sparks of the great running back he can be. Dwayne Bowe was a bright spot for the Chiefs and proved he can be a very good receiver in the NFL. It can't get much worst from 2-14, lets see what they did to improve.

The Chiefs had the third pick in the draft and with it they selected Tyson Jackson DE out of LSU. Tyson Jackson is big, 6'4" 295lbs and can be a force for the Chiefs.

He will be making the move from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4 which the Chiefs primarily use. I do not see the move to a 3-4 being a difficult one for Jackson as he is strong enough and uses his hands very well. This was a good pick for the Chiefs because they got a player that can start, and make an impact immediately.

The Chiefs second pick was Alex Magee out of Purdue. The Chiefs went defense again with this pick, and again I think they were successful. Magee is strong where Jackson is weak, and vice-versa. Magee has the quickness off he ball to attack the QB on passing downs, where as Jackson is more of a run stopper.

Magee lacks certain things that make him a starter right away like Jackson, but he is the perfect player to spell lineman when tired. Magee made the switch from DT to DE his senior year because of injuries, and played well. Magee is a great guy for the Chiefs, because of his ability to play multiple positions.

Donald Washington CB out of OSU was the next pick for the Chiefs. Washington is an athlete (45 inch vertical), he left a year early and right now might be more of an athlete then a football player. His 40 yard dash was good (4.49) and he showed smooth straight drop backs in combine drills. He did however struggle a bit when changing directions but this can obviously be worked on.

He lacks upper body strength and this might be why he avoids contact at times. He will be a bit of a work in progress for the Chiefs. His immediate impact might be seen more on special teams then on defense, but with the raw talent that he has, I would not be surprised to see him work in on 3rd and long packages.

Quinten Lawrence was a late round pick for the Chiefs. He has good speed and quickness along with reliable hands. He was the go to receiver at McNeese State but will probably have to move into the slot in the NFL, where I can see him being productive. I could also see him returning kicks and or punts for the Chiefs.

The Chiefs had a very good draft, with their first two picks they got two players up front that can make an immediate impact. They also got some players to fill some holes later in the draft. They have a lot of work to do, but the draft was certainly a good place to start.

Players to Watch: I think both Jackson and Magee can make a difference on the front line. The D-line is certainly somewhere to start improving and these players are capable of making it happen.

Overall Draft Grade: B+

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