Thursday, May 28, 2009

Player to Watch: Major Wright , Florida

Major Wright is one of the nations premier safety's. Last year at Florida he was third on the team with sixty-six tackles, and grabbed four interceptions. Major Wright is a safety, but hits like a linebacker. He played free safety last year and was third on the Gators in tackles, that is saying something. Let's take a look at what Major Wright will be doing in the Gator's secondary this season.

Joe Haden and Janoris Jenkins are the two starting corners for Florida. Both of them have the ability to lock down receivers. At safety opposite Wright the Gators have Ahmad Black who was tied for the most interceptions in the country with seven. So it is safe to say that Florida has a loaded secondary.

This gives Wright the ability to truly roam the field at free safety. This is a very scary(just watch the play that starts at 25 secs) thought for Florida's opponents. If Major is confident that his teammates can handle their own, he will be able to help with run support, and come over the top on passing plays.

Wright enjoys contact and because of this he takes on the role of game changer for the Gator's. 51.1 points per game, that is how many points Oklahoma averaged per game last year, when they met Major Wright and Florida's defensive they scored fourteen in a loss.

Everyone knows about Tim Tebow and how good he is. The Gators are the team to beat this year. While you are watching their explosive offense make sure to keep you eyes on #21 Major Wright.

(His highlights start after the first one)

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  1. I think its safe to say your favorite play is the hit on the OK WR from the title game.