Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Draft Breakdown: Tennessee Titans

The Titans had a really good season last year, they finished 13-3, but lost to the Ravens in the first round of the playoffs. They had a great defense, and an excellent run game(if you don't like the happy dance something is wrong with you). They lacked a premier pass receiver, and sometimes struggled to score because of this. Depth at wide out is certainly something they wanted to address going into the draft.

Kenny Britt was the titans first pick, 30th overall. Britt has average straight line speed (4.56), and above average route running skills. Britt blocks corners very well because of his large frame 6'3" 218lbs, the Titans definitely like this because they run the ball so often. Britt benched 225lbs 23 times, this is another good thing for Britt as it means he can also block linebackers. It will be interesting to see how the titans use Britt, but he was their first pick so he should be used a lot.

The Titans took Sen'Derrick Marks of out Auburn with their second pick. Marks is a work in progress. He has the potential to see a lot of minutes as a run stuffer if he can improve in a few areas. He needs to add some bulk to the top of his frame, and needs to work on his cardio. Marks does have potential, as he is built from the bottom up and has very strong legs, he also moves quickly for a big guy and can out quick offensive linemen at times. Titans should not need him right away so he should have some time to improve on these things.

I like what the Titans did with their 5th round pick. Javon Ringer out of Michigan State is good. He just might not be NFL good right now. The Titans do not need a running back right now, so might as well take someone they can work on. Ringer is a short, compact runner and was very successful at MSU. He runs well inside the tackles but struggles when he gets on the outside. Javon could be good in certain situations down the road, we will see how he is used, he did return kicks at MSU so that is always a possibility, even though he lacks explosive speed.

Overall Draft Grade: B-

(Watch the DB bounce off of him at 1:36)

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