Sunday, August 16, 2009

#23 Notre Dame

Notre Dame went 7-6 last year, not a good record for one of the most famous programs in the history of college football. But it is an improvement form their horrible 2007 showing in which they finished 3-9.

How good Notre Dame will be this year rests on the arm of Jimmy Clausen, he was one of the most touted QB's in recent years coming into school, but his play has left much to be desired. If Clausen can manage to throw less interceptions, and bring himself into a leadership role Notre Dame can be good.

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Notre Dame is returning ten starters on offense, so we should see them putting up points. The two key players for this offense are the guys Clausen will be throwing to.

Golden Tate, is the best receiver for the Irish. He is a threat to score whenever he touches the ball, and is Clausen's favorite deep threat. Last year he caught 58 passes for 1,080 yards, and 10 touchdowns. Tate will see the ball come his way a lot, he will need to make big plays all year long for the Irish to win.

Golden Tate is an explosive WR for the Irish
(credit: nationalchamps)

The receiver opposite Tate is Michael Floyd. Floyd had a dream freshman season, he caught 48 balls for 719 yards, and seven TD's. This tandem of Floyd, and Tate will be very dangerous and will be giving DB's trouble all year long.

The defense certainly lacks the big names, and will be the weaker unit, but they do have one player in particular to keep an eye on.

Kyle McCarthy is the SS for the Irish, and he is one of the best the have ever had. He set the school record for tackles by a DB in 2008. He is a fifth year player, so he commands attention in the locker room, coaches will look for him to led this defense.

Notre Dame should be able to put up points, but you can't win games if you can't stop your opponent. The Irish defense will have to step up an play well for Notre Dame to have success this season.

Players to Watch: Golden Tate, Jimmy Clausen

Projected Record: 9-3

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