Thursday, August 27, 2009

Waiting for Vick...

Well the day is finally here, Michael Vick will suit up tonight against the Panthers in Philly. I have never in my life been so excited for a pre-season game.

I'm sure he will see time later in the game at QB, but I really want to see how Andy Reid uses him within the regular offense.

I'm thinking maybe some time at WR, possibly slot, and who knows maybe some action at RB. Oh and I almost forgot, why not let him return a kick, or even a punt. Maybe I'm dreaming now, but you certainly can't just have Michael Vick as your backup QB.

I realize he has a mixed following in Philly right now, but just wait until he takes an end around 80 yards to the house.

I wish I could time travel because if I could I would go to the future get a Vick Jersey, come back and watch the game.

I think Reid would be smart to use Vick a lot, and at a couple different positions. This way Vick gets the practice he needs , and teams have much more to worry about when game planning.

Game is at 8, let's all pray that he has still has it.

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