Thursday, August 27, 2009


Reports are coming in that the Vikings locker room is divided. You get one guess to figure out why. More then a couple of players in the locker room think Favre does not give them the best chance to win.

I don't totally agree but I do fully understand. The Vikings QB battle was between two QB's that both kinda stink. Favre however is one of the greatest QB's ever, but kinda stinks now.

The Vikings are to blame here. Yes Brett Favre is really annoying, and yes I think he might try to play until 2018. But the NFL is a job, and the Vikings could of said no.

I also think I know why the players are so upset. Sweat, and hard work are the building blocks of team unity. I have never met anyone who enjoys training camp, its hot, long, and generally miserable. But when you look at your teammate next to you busting his ass you respect him.

Well guess who decided to sign with the team right after all of this was over, yep. So Favre just strolls in after the two hardest weeks of camp, and gets the starting nod.

If Favre plays poorly the Vikings will start to fall apart. If he plays well then people will begin to forget about this whole I hate Brett Favre thing.

Oh, one more thing regarding the Vikings. If you take anyone besides Adrian Peterson with the first pick in your fantasy draft, your an idiot.

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