Friday, August 7, 2009

Morning News & Thoughts

The Yanks smacked the Sox last night...this was a much needed win for the Yanks because they had not beaten the Sox yet this year...they are now 1-8 VS the beantown boys...we will see if they can take a couple more in the Bronx

Rashard Lewis got suspended 10 games...why...raised testosterone don't see this in basketball a lot...hence the hilariously short suspension...Lewis already did his best Andy Pettite and apologized immediately...the smarter players are beginning to realize that this is the way to go...then again why do players keep taking OTC products that they are unsure if they are approved...lame excuse but at least he took full responsibility...

Staying on the same topic David Ortiz has told the media he will speak before Saturdays game...2003 is shaping up to be the year everyone took steroids...honestly I might be on that list because at this point who isn't...

Andre Ethier hit his 5th walkoff of the year last can't spell stud without Ethier...

Harry Douglas aka one of the best names in the NFL...and Falcons up and coming WR tore his ACL...with Roddy Roddy White still holding out things are not looking great in the ATL

Best link dump on the web= Ballin is a Habit

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