Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nightly News & React

ESPN completed their college football mock draft today. To get more info on the process head over here. Alright so no list is perfect, and obviously I have some problems with this one.

Michigan- Tradition, tradition , and tradition. Big blue deserves to be in the top 10 despite a couple down years. Drop Georgia and put em in.
Miami- They produce great NFL players. Aside from that they were winning a lot not too long ago. I move them all the way into the top 20 from where ESPN has them at 24. Boise State is great as of late but no one can say that have brought the total package over time as has Miami.
Utah- At 17 I think they are 3-5 spots too high. Seriously Utah over Auburn, Miami, and BYU yea BYU. Not making sense on this end.
West Virginia- They come in at #28, in my mind they are a solid top 25 team. Things are looking a little suspect right now but this list is not only about the future of programs, but also what they have accomplished over the years.
Oklahoma State- Yikes, way to high. Seriously nothing else needs to be said.
Kansas- Kind of a shady pick but it comes late at #38, I would have them outside looking in.

Michael Oher has a great life story so far. Even good enough to be a movie; I will be checking this out for sure. [DeadSpin]

Mike Vick was tossing the football around at a local HS. This seriously brings back memories. Am I the only one who thinks he looks huge? Seriously he looks really big I guess they still lift in jail. [WithLeather]

MaxPreps put together a nice list of the top HS players of the past decade. It's HS so a lot of research had to be done here, and I think they came up with a pretty good list. [MaxPreps]

How often do you get two sweet kicks to the face in one week...

And another knockout...why not...two fighters and two KO's

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