Thursday, August 6, 2009

Morning News & Thoughts

An NFL player singed a six year $97 Million extension...we must be talking about one of the best players in the NFL is it then...Eli Manning...really...well that makes little sense...don't get me wrong Eli has certainly proved he is more then just Archie's son and Peyton's Brother, but getting paid money like this means you are a top three QB in the league...I have him at 6...I understand its New York and a big market and blah blah...I just don't think that he deserves this kind of money...I mean has he really earned a bigger signing bonus then his brother...I think he will continue to be a very good QB and help the Giants win games...I just believe $97 Mill is too much

Moving on...Sox @ Yanks tonight...Joba VS Smoltz...Yanks have been playing well and Sox have been struggling as of late...but the Yankees have not found a way to beat the Sox yet this year...maybe tonight's the night

Lefty is coming back to the tour after tending to his ill wife and mother...gotta love Phil and I certainly wish him the best

Reggie Bush got "hurt" yesterday at camp...he was reportedly limping around at practice...but as soon as the Saints heard that the media had been saying he was hurt they promptly denied it...I'm not quite sure what to make of this...if he was limping he was probably hurt right...

Brandon Roy signed an extension yesterday...he is one of the best young stars in the game...he deserves this if nothing else for that crazy game winning jumper he hit last year...

That's all I got for now...check back tonight for another team just outside the top 25... link drop

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