Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hall of Fame Game...LIVE BLOG

Decided to start off the pre-season with a live blog of tonight's Bills vs Titans game. We should get a good look at some young talent, and I can't wait to watch some football.

Jump for the live updates...

8:04- They announce the hall of fame inductees, and then mention John Madden's retirement

8:05- Jeff Fisher has been coaching for 15 years, and he is only 51

8:10- The Titans are in sick light blue throwbacks, Bills look sharp as well

8:11- Newly acquired Nate Washington catches a WR screen for a 10 yard gain and first down

8:13- Alge Crumpler catches his second pass for a 12 yard gain, great block by Chris Johnson

8:15- Bills stop the Titans, and force Tennessee to punt

8:16- FAKE PUNT touchdown Titans, amazing fake and run, Tennessee faked a reverse, the punter kept the ball and took off

8:19- Kickoff, taken back to the 23

8:20- Bills are strictly running the no huddle, 15 yard catch by TO, here we go...

8:24- Nice scramble by Edwards first down

8:25- Edwards fires a ball deep down the middle and is picked off by Michael Griffin, Griffin is one of the best young safeties in the game

8:29- Justin Gage catches a pass for a 15 yard gain, they mention that he averaged over 25 yards yards a catch last year, very impressive

8:30- Lendale White is shown on the sidelines, he honestly looks great, diet really worked

8:32- Another great catch and run for Nate Washington, great addition for the Titans, ball on the 30 going in

8:34- Crumpler with another catch, first down

8:34- Chris Johnson is fast, good run 1st and goal , Lendale is in

8:35- TOUCHDOWN Lendale White, 14-0

8:42- Pretty bad drive for the Bills, three and out, punt coming

8:43- END OF 1st QUARTER 14-0 Titans

8:45- Vince Young is in...this should be interesting

8:47- Vince Young picked off, not a good start, Bills ball on the 45

8:50- Bills first down on a nice catch by Josh Reed, I really like this no huddle look

8:55- Titans take over on downs on the seven yard line, Vince Young still in

8:58- Young stalls, Titans punt

9:02- The refs orange jerseys look pretty funky

9:05- Roscoe Parrish just broke someone off, wow great move, and1, dude almost fell over. Bills down to the five knocking on the door

9:06- Bills fail, kick coming, and it's good 14-3

9:07- Bills looked good the whole drive, running and passing, I really hope they show the Parrish move on ESPN, it was silly

9:09- "Bobby April, best special teams coach in the NFL", pretty awesome to be known for that, I am officially impressed

9:13- Young completes a pass out to the 17, Chris Collinsworth recounts the Vince Young story for about 5 min, really crazy story

9:15- Punt is muffed, Titans recover, that is a elementary mistake. Things like that get you cut

9:20- Chris Henry runs for 20+ on fourth down, who knew he still had something left in the tank, Vince looking a little better here

9:23- TOUCHDOWN Titans, great catch by Paul Williams, great throw by Vince Young, he looked good on that drive 21-3

9:26- This just in you can't crush someone five yards out of bounds, come on guys

9:29- 47 yard field goal...nice kick 21-6, John Madden tribute coming up


9:45- KICKOFF, Bills take over on the 23

9:47- Punt, Bills looked pretty lackluster on that possession, Bruce Smith 200 sacks, really really good

9:55- Bills moving the ball well 1st and ten on the 45

9:56- Bruce Smith highlights, that dude really was incredible, fast, strong, the total package

9:58- Game is getting boring, enough so that they are talking about the hash marks on the field...

10:01- 52 yard field goal is good for the Bills, real nice kick with plenty of distance, 21-9 Titans.

10:03- Tony Dungy in the booth, real solid guy. Says he does not miss the game and that he is officially retired. Here come the vick questions, first mention of him today.

10:05- Dungy says that Vick is in a good state of mind right now, and that he misses the game. Dungy was asked by Vick's attorney to mentor Michael. Dungy is very involved with Vick and text's him on the regular.

10:07- Dungy says that he thinks Vick will be picked up soon. Titans driving 2nd and 2 on the 43.

10:10- Javon Ringer out of Michigan State finally gets a touch, and promptly gets lit up in the backfield, Dungy again says that he thinks Vick is close to signing a deal

10:12- Ringer breaks away for a nice 15+ yard catch and run, followed his block nicely downfield

10:13- Tennessee punts

10:16- Sen'Derrick Marks a rookie defensive lineman for the Titans, playing in his first NFL game, and playing well. He is a big strong guy and should be able to contribute this year.

10:21- Dungy picks Indy to win the division, did he even need to say that, he also said that the Colts offense will be "ramped up"

10:24- I really wanna see Inglorious Bastards

10:26- Chris Mortensen has a kid, and he is the QB for Tennessee right now, Javon Ringer busts off a nice little run, he is quite good, shifty

10:29- TOUCHDOWN Bills, Reggie Corner pick 6, nice run after the pick, Mortensen is not happy with that one, ball got a little loose 21-16

10:35 Kenny Britt WR out of Rutgers is shown on the Titans sideline, he is injured right now. Britt looks huge, should be a good player for the Titans this year, 20 years old.

10:36- Javon Ringer breaks away again, this kid shows a lot of promise, Cook called for holding though.

10:39- Tim Tebow just got mentioned, did not think I would here his name tonight, Punt coming from Titans

10:42- TO interview...blah blah blah...says he does not know why Dallas let him go...really...

10:51- Bills start on the 15, two minute drill, let's see what they can do

10:53- New rule this year, no arms, shoulders, or helmet to helmet contact to a defenseless player. This is getting kind of ridiculous, I understand but at some point let them play. I agree with shoulder and helmet, but arm too. I think it should be a judgment call because sometimes it is not something that should be a penalty.

10:56- Jason McCourtney picks it off and runs a little bit down the sideline before stepping out of bounds. That should wrap this one up 1:45 left on the clock Titans ball.

11:02- Tennessee takes a safety on purpose to end the game 21-18. Look foward to more live blogging as the college football season gets underway. Thanks for sticking around look for that morning post tomorrow.

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