Monday, August 10, 2009

Morning News & Thoughts

Well UFC 101 certainly lived up to expectations...first Anderson Silva proved to everyone why he is the most dangerous man in the world...he toyed with Forrest Griffin before knocking him out with a fade away right jab in the first round...BJ Penn dominated Kenny Florian for most of the match...he wore Florian down and won via rear naked choke in the fourth what did we learn from 101...we learned Anderson Silva is untouchable...he is in a class by himself and is clearly the best P4P MMA fighter in the world...Penn came back from a loss at the hands of St-Pierre and proved he is one of the best in the game

The Yankees finished off the Sox by sweeping them in a four game set...the Yankees take a commanding lead in the AL east while the Sox are tied with the Rangers in the wild card...prior to the sweep the Sox were a perfect 8-0 against the Bombers this season

Tiger Woods won his 70th career tournament as he pulled away from the field in the final round...we should try not to forget that every time he wins it goes down in history...he is a living legend and the greatest to ever play the game

Titans vs Bills last was really good to have some football back...I followed the game live and you can find that post below

Brian Bowles pounded Miguel Torres to a victory in the WEC...why is this significant?...Torres was one of the top P4P fighters in the world and had a record of 37-1...he had never been stopped in his career and had not lost a fight in six years...both happened last night

Alright well that does it for this morning...look for my top 25 countdown to come in the next few days as I weed out my list... dump of the day

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