Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Morning Pigskin

Today we take a look at three stories coming out of three big time teams.

First we head to Florida where Tim Tebow should be worried about his job. Well not really, but they have already found a new Percy Harvin.

Joe Haden is one of the best corner backs in the country, and like most D-I skill position players, he was a QB in HS(aka let your stud touch the ball every play). Apparently Haden has been bugging coach Carroll to get some snaps. Right off the bat this seems foolish, then Carroll saw Haden throw, and apparently he throws darts.

Haden is an incredible athlete, and is definitely a player that can make this work. Haden will most likely be assuming a similar role to what Harvin did last year behind center. Because this was not planned it will take some time to be fully operational, but if any team can make it work it's the Gators.

Next we head to cali as USC has some surprising news. Freshman QB Tyler Barkley is in strong contention for the starting job. Aaron Corp got the nod in spring ball, but is feeling the heat from Barkley as practice begins.

Barkley says that he is grasping the offense well but still has plenty of work to do. He was a superstar in HS in Orange County and certainly has the talent, we will have to wait to see how this turns out.

USC will be fine with whomever takes over for Sanchez as they are almost unanimously the #4 team in college football this season.

Last but not least OSU LB Tyler Moeller suffered a serious head injury after being repeatedly punched in the head. News like this is always scary and we hope he is alright. Reports are coming in saying that he will miss the season.

That concludes the Morning Pigskin be sure to check ballinisahabit.net for a nice link dump to start the morning...

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