Monday, August 3, 2009

LenDale White's Diet...and a Kick to the Face

LenDale White is one of my favorite players in the NFL. He is fat, lovable(no dissrespect), and does stuff like this. White tried a new diet this summer, not low fat, or low carb, but no Patron. The results, white reported to camp 30 pounds lighter. This new diet is just another reason I love him.

I am truly amazed this worked as well as it did. This means that White must of been drinking a whole lot of Patron. I heard some experts discussing this and they were saying White most likely was drinking between 10-15 shots three times a week, wow. Now who knows how accurate these numbers are, but if they are even close that is a lot of Tequila.

With this new body of his maybe he can churn out some long runs. He is already a touchdown machine and a great compliment back to Chris Johnson, this is great news for the Titans.

Had to post this of my favs...great dance...

Oh...I almost forgot...a guy getting kicked in the face...

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