Monday, August 31, 2009

Practice?!?...We're Talkin Bout Practice

So...some Michigan U players recently spoke up about the practice routines being used by head coach Rich Rodriguez. Apparently Rodriguez has the players attending "voluntary" workouts and meetings in addition to the regular practices.

Sounds like a bunch of cry baby's to me...this is D-1 football, suck it up and be happy that you are lucky enough to be playing football at Michigan.

I spoke to three former NCAA athletes about this matter and here is what the had to say.

Names will be left out to protect the innocent...

Athlete A: "well, I think that kind of stuff probably happens everywhere"

Athlete B: "this happened at my school, it is definitely something that is talked about in the locker room, and players do get pissed about it, but it was never anything any of us would of mentioned to the athletic director or anything like that"

Athlete C: "I remember being at meetings until 1 AM, none of us wanted to be there, but I guess we just accepted it as part of being on the team"

Unless something shocking develops with this story in the next couple of days my stance will continue to be the same. Being a D-1 athlete is something special, they basically pay you to play, and some of you will be in the NFL one day. If you don't like the way things are being done, transfer or quit, but stop complaining.

So pipe down and go play football, you guys have some work to do anyway so maybe you do need some extra practice.

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  1. a)well said
    b)you get to play at MICHIGAN
    c)this is why michigan has been soft the last few years because they get little cry babies like this
    d)you get to play for MICHIGAN at the big house
    e)please transfer