Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Justin Feagin Had His Dorm Room Set on Fire

Justin Feagin a slot WR formerly for the Michigan Wolverines had his dorm room go up in flames after a failed drug deal.

Feagin had arranged a deal with T.J. Burke, the deal went as follows, Burke gives Feagin $590 and Feagin sends the money to FLA...then cocaine comes back in exchange for the money.

I know this is stupid to say because, well it's a drug deal, but that sounds really sketchy. I don't know much about coke, but I'm sure someone in Michigan has some.

End result, the coke never arrives and Burke gets pissed. What do normal people do when they lose $590? Set stuff on fire obviously. Burke recently admitted to setting Feagin's room on fire, and could face up to 10 years in the slammer.

This is definitely one of those scenarios that could of easily been avoided. Anybody with any brains knows Michigan has better coke then Florida. Hippies always say "buy locally" if these guy would of done that then Feagin would have a dorm room, and a spot on the team.

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