Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well I guess the unnamed players were correct. Brett Favre is reportedly signing with the Vikings today.

He boarded a plane today to Vikings camp to sign the papers.

This might be the apocalypse folks...we will be hearing about this all day. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that none of the Vikings QB's have been the least bit impressive thus far.

Signing Farve is a last ditch effort by the Vikings to get a QB.

They have a good D and a running back that resembles the predator. They just need a QB. Brett Favre is technically a QB so...

I guess just hope for the best...and don't watch sports center for three days unless you want to hear about this...

Reported by Kyle Magnus 11:10 AM 8/18/2009


  1. The thing is, we all would have been able to forget the season with the Jets if he had just stayed retired. His legacy would have been preserved intact...now it stinks like Joe Namath on the Los Angeles Rams.

  2. I agree, just like MJ in D.C. We all forgot about that. Favre is just going too far at this point, he is sticking around too long. If he can have a good season then maybe we forget about this...maybe