Monday, August 31, 2009

#9 Oklahoma State Cowboys

Oklahoma State has one of the most explosive and dynamic offenses in college football. This offense includes the three headed monster that I will look at in detail. They return eight guys on offense and are ready to put up serious points.

On defense, well not quite as good, they gave up a lot of points last year and this year is not looking a whole lot better. But to be honest as long as they can hold their opponents in the 20’s they should be alright.

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At QB the Cowboys have Zac Robinson. Last year Robinson started from game one, and was very successful. Robinson emerged as a terrific passer throwing for 3,064 yards and 25 TD’s. He proved to be accurate as he only threw 10 picks. Robinson also showed off his legs a bit as he ran for 562 yards and eight scores. Robinson has plenty of help on offense and will be the leader of one of the top college offenses.

At WR they have Dez Bryant; Bryant is the best receiver in college football. Last year Bryant led the team with 1,480 yards and 19 TD’s….19 touchdowns, wow. Bryant is explosive in every sense of the word and is a handful for any defense to guard. Bryant will be the go to passing option an will see the ball plenty, if your drafting a fantasy college team this guy is the best available WR, hands down.

The third head is RB Kendall Hunter. Hunter went for 1,555 yards and 16 touchdowns last year. Hunter has a knack for the big play, and is also a decent pass option out of the backfield. With Robinson, Bryant, and Hunter this offense is one of the best. The only thing missing is TE Brandon Pettigrew, who has moved onto the NFL.

DE’s Derek Burton and Ugo Chinasa are back, they did not play particularly well last season and really need to pick it up this year.

Perrish Cox needs to rally the troops in the secondary because he is the only one returning. Without a solid secondary they are in trouble. The Big 12 is all about passing and you need to be able to at least contain it, or just score 60 points a game ala Oklahoma.

Although I think that the Cowboys defense will struggle, it might not matter with the offense that they have this year. They will however need to play solid defense to contend with Texas and Oklahoma.

Players to Watch: “Three-Headed Monster”

Projected record: 10-2

Key Games: Sept 5th Georgia, Oct 31st Texas, Nov 28th @ Oklahoma

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