Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pre-Season Heisman Watch

ESPN released their Heisman watch list this morning. The field is stacked so the list is pretty predictable. Three out of five of these guys are already household names, and went to the award finals last season. They threw one curve all up top but that's it as far as surprises go.


1.)Colt McCoy, QB, Texas

2.)Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

3.)Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

4.)Jahvid Best, RB, California

5.)Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

Now for the 2ndnShort list...keep in mind that I don't like to be predictable...and like to swag a bit on lists...

1.)Jahvid Best...Dude is a stud, he is the leading returning rusher in the NCAA, and Cal should be solid this year. He has all of the tools. His only obstacle is those pesky QB's all over this list. Look for him to be in the talk all year long.

2.)Colt McCoy...First off, how awesome is his name? Secondly, he is really good and so is Texas. I put him here because Tebow, and Bradford already have a trophy, and he is very deserving.

3.)Tim Tebow...I tend not to trust the virgin thing 100%, although it is believable, which says a lot. Oh and Google "Tim Tebow's girlfriend"

4.) Eric Berry...This kid is a ridiculous talent. If this is the year for a defensive player to win it then give it to him. Tennessee will have to be decent for this to happen, if not then give it to Taylor Mays.

5.) Sam Bradford...Won it last year, will have to be even better to win it again. I think this year is way too stacked for him to go back to back.

Alright well that's it for this morning...check back for news this afternoon...and my #24 team tonight...

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