Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Morning News & Thoughts(Humpday Edition)

Albert is a beast...his line last night...4-5 with three runs five RBI...and 2 mojos...oh did I mention one of his mojos was a granny in the 10th stud

I watched the story of the wrestler with no legs on ESPN last was really good and worth a watch

Eight pitches have taken no hitters into the 8th inning this year...only one has come out untouched...I guess no hitters are pretty hard huh

The NBA schedules were released yesterday...Celtics, Lakers, and the Lebrons are the headlines...surprise surprise

Almost forgot Longoria hit a walk of to beat the Red Sox

Clay Matthews playing beside AJ Hawk is pretty scary...they could be a they both have great flow...if they both keep growing their flows it will be like having two Ultimate Warriors out there on about intimidation...

Alright well that about takes care of it for this morning... morning link dump

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